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Continuing Education Instructor 여자밤알바 (Part-time) James Splant Community College – Kennanceville, NC Uses formative and summative assessment methods to improve learning and teaching. High School Equivalent/Adult Basic Education Instructor (Part Time) (Permanently Hiring) Surrey Community College – Dobson, NC Complete the Student Data Form required by the State Literacy Education Information System (LEIS) and submit the data to the JRC Coordinator. Familiarize yourself with the College Readiness and Career (CCR) Standards and/or State Common Core Standards for Adult Basic Education.

Participate in the assessment of student learning outcomes at the faculty and/or college level in general education and technical/vocational courses and programs as needed. Work individually as well as with the main teaching staff to continuously develop and update course outlines, prepare assignments, and develop teaching methods. Instructors will be responsible for teaching math, literacy, special education, science, or basic training courses. Instructors are responsible for adhering to Department and College procedures to support teaching and learning.

It is possible to hire part-time instructors to run courses, give presentations, or other service activities when current instructors and tutors are not available. Tasks include flexible class scheduling, and the part-time instructor/additional instructor must be prepared to work split instructional shifts, which may require separating instructional days and/or evenings at different locations on campus. Although contract college professors usually teach part-time, the qualifications for this job are still rigorous.

The main differences between full-time community college faculty and full-time faculty are course load, pay, benefits, and job security. There is also a significant gap between the earnings of full-time teachers and assistant instructors.

Community colleges also have students who need extra preparation, so teachers must be prepared to help their students reach the skill level needed to take college courses. As the number of people enrolled in higher education programs, especially community colleges, increases year by year, the demand for qualified community college teachers is expected to increase. The Lehman School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS) anticipates the need for adjunct faculty to offer online and in-person classes throughout the academic year. The primary need is for teachers to be able to offer synchronous online classes at different times from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Doors EPOCH is looking for a part-time High School Equivalency (HSE) Instructor to teach HSE classes to students ages 17-24 approaching the exam. Our social studies department is looking for an instructor to teach the ED 269 Inclusion & Special Needs Education class. The Department of Continuing Education at Daley College is looking for an engaging, energetic and patient instructor who leads virtual discussions and projects with adults and youth.

Western Nebraska Community College is accepting applications for the Alliance’s Adjunct Adult Education Instructor position. Savannah Institute of Technology is seeking adjunct teachers/additional educators for adult education programs in Chatham, Effingham, and Liberty Counties. Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC) is establishing a panel of qualified candidates for consideration when additional and/or replacement teachers are needed to teach early childhood education programs.

The College accepts application materials year-round from qualified candidates wishing to teach part-time. The GCU Online Teaching Group has opportunities for full-time online educators who teach year-round from our administrative office in Phoenix. Visit the Continuum Academic College job opening to view and apply for part-time instructor, teaching assistant, and course developer positions.

A part-time college teacher replacement often requires a degree along with teaching experience, although many colleges prefer applicants with a master’s degree. Substitute teachers who do not have a bachelor’s degree in education or one of the subject areas may qualify as teachers after one year of positive experience in an adult education classroom.

The instructor will conduct the adult education sessions at the scheduled times using best practices. The Ready To Work Instructor will directly supervise Ready To Work students.

The adult education instructor reports to the Assistant Director of Adult Education and will teach all adult education subjects and all aspects of adult education required by the Adult and Family Literacy Act (AEFLA), the Kansas State Board of Regents (KBOR), and Kansas City Kansas City College (KCKCC) , Kansas City Community College (KCKCC). Adult education instructors report to education specialists and provide project guidance on education implementation, curriculum design, data analysis, document management, assessment, and SBLC outcomes. The Adult Education Instructor is accountable to the Vice President for Adult Education for academic instruction (reading, writing, English, and math) for all assigned students. Additional lecturers work with students outside the classroom to ensure their success, build essential CVTC skills, and demonstrate commitment to excellence in program/course content and delivery.

In addition to the required education and experience, teachers must be passionate about what they teach and possess a teaching style that promotes student success. Applicants must be able to provide evidence of teaching theories and educational methods. While not every tutor position requires formal education, disciplinary and teaching skills are required to land a stable job.

The learning task may include face-to-face lectures during the daytime, evenings or Saturdays and/or online/didactic mode. Assist in teacher development plans for instructors and participate in professional development (minimum 8 hours) by attending required training courses and workshops, MAACCE conferences or other established training courses. Ability to teach K-12 Teacher Training Courses, Introduction to Education and Teacher Pedagogy. The Adult Education Instructor at SBLC is responsible for providing education to adult education students who wish to earn a high school diploma and/or acquire basic academic skills in writing, reading comprehension, mathematics, science and social sciences.

The teaching staff consists of professional educators who have the primary responsibility for providing quality education to all students of Lane Community College. Lane Community College is a learning-focused community college that offers affordable, quality, and lifelong learning opportunities. The facility offers credit transfer programs, vocational and technical education and certification programs, non-credit continuing education courses, English as a second language and international ESL programs, GED programs, and personalized training for local employers. As an instructor, you will be responsible for planning, implementing, and evaluating a diverse class of students from preschool through eighth grade.