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We are looking for energetic and hardworking team players for paid 룸 알바 part-time jobs as referees and field managers. GTSC is looking for reliable, friendly and outgoing people to fill part-time positions as Retail Consultants who work out of our downtown Team Store.

In terms of vacancies, the number of new vacancies every year is amazing, both full-time and part-time. Like working on professional sports teams, these positions allow people to enter the world of sports and entertainment as a full-time job.

This is a full-time job with peak periods before and during the spring and fall football seasons. concession work. Joining a concession team means part-time, often seasonal work that provides an opportunity to be in an exciting environment and meet new people while supporting a local professional or collegiate sports team or other activities. Jobs at Loudoun Soccer Park in Leesburg are ideal for students, seniors, or anyone looking for part-time work on evenings or weekends.

Ideal candidates will also be enthusiastic, passionate about player development and demonstrate strong leadership and motivational skills. Sidwell Friends School features exceptional sports facilities, including two new grass fields, one natural turf soccer field, one all-season track, four full-size gyms, one sports performance center, one large yoga studio, and six tennis courts. Applicants must have at least 4 years of successful coaching experience at the college or high school and/or club level. Applicants must have a minimum of 12 months of youth football manager experience (paid or unpaid), a high school diploma, and at least a USSF “C” license, NSCAA “intermediate” certifications, or equivalent. Instructors will require a USSF ‘E’ license or higher, as well as at least a high school diploma and at least 12 months or more of experience as a football manager (paid or volunteer) or assistant coach.

Applicant must have a high school diploma or GED, supplemented by at least one year of experience in park maintenance or similar jobs. Requires a current football manager with at least 4 years of coaching experience as head coach at club level (collegiate or semi-professional education preferred).

Ideal candidates should have football and training experience and be licensed by USC or USSF. EDS Coaches must have significant experience in both playing and teaching football, and hold a US Soccer license of at least C-Licence level.

Experience and desire to work with children is desirable; Football experience is preferred but not required. Football coaching experience (could be specific coaching or general coaching). Current former student, preferably earning or holding a degree in sports management or another closely related field (preferably football experience).

Responsible for overseeing games and practices, and supervising community workers, part-time officials, coaches, youth, and the crowd. The Operations Manager will also help monitor the condition of the facility by supervising part-time employees, helping keep the facility clean, and interacting with customers to answer their questions or concerns. Field Supervisor – Part-time will assist in the management of league operations and activities during matchdays, including team registration, spectator management and communications.

The location runs through two departments: “Territory”, “Maintenance” and “Operations”, and works only at night and on weekends. This position will report to the Superintendent of HRSC and will work alongside the Chief Operating Officer. The part-time assistant position will include valet parking, concessions, guest service, officiating, and working as a coach for Starfire Sports’ children’s programs. The Chicago Edge is looking for highly motivated and professional individuals to join our current highly qualified coaching staff to work with some of our youth teams.

The Chicago Edge has about 450 road players a year on U8 to U19 teams and is always looking for new hires to help take our coaching and player teams to the next level. Our fun and engaging programs are led by child education experts, professional soccer players and experienced and licensed soccer coaches. Our care team makes a positive impact on the lives of children on and off the field through the best teaching, curriculum and communication.

Our manager selection process evaluates not only the ability to coach football, but also the ability to engage and inspire children. USSF “C” or above and four years of club manager experience for U14s and above. Coaches must be highly motivated on the field to convey their enthusiasm and knowledge of the game, and must be well organized off the field to prepare practices and communicate with their teams to give each player the most positive football experience possible. The ability to effectively teach the skills and techniques needed by high school and college players will be key to building a successful football program.

Coaches at this level can also access support as they are expected to seek further personal development in football training. This unique position gives job seekers the opportunity to build their own resume while working in kindergartens as kindergarten teachers, account managers and, of course, football coaches. Successful candidates are willing to coach a team or two, have good communication skills, are energetic, eager to motivate others, and are able to work in a team.

Candidates must be at least 16 years old, reliable, responsible, personable, hardworking, team-playing, proactive and positive. SAM Football Clinic Coach – Part Time/Full Year Applicants must be at least 18 years old, dependable, energetic, work well with children and adults, communicate effectively, be responsible and have work experience.

Referees (Football and Flag Football) Off the Wall Sports Leagues are looking for outgoing individuals with strong communication skills to referee matches at senior and youth levels. West-Mont United SA is looking to train full-time highly motivated youth football coaches. Some licensing requirements are part of what makes the programs so much above the norm and our results are superior to other football programs offered in the region.